Balancing quantity
with quality

The sports betting industry is growing at a fast pace. Our aim is to deliver everyone valuable information using blockchain transparency combining quantity with quality in a bespoke fashion.

While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is up to build a secure, useful & easy-to-use product based on the blockchain. Users will benefit of transparent advices secured by the blockchain, a constantly growing community and a friendly environment.

Our system tracks over 200 competitions world wide and covers in general over 70% of the daily scheduled football matches. We've started our journey for the passion we have for the king sport, football, the amazing sport that unites us all.


Project Fundamentals

The experience of our team along with transparency provided by the blockchain technology offer our users a high level of confidence in relation to the products & services we provide. Retention, scalability & margin are key metrics that determine our core values.

Blockchain Infrastructure

We are using blockchain technology to ensure 100% transparency in the data we distribute in our apps. This allows us to serve our users in the best form possible.

Smart Contracts

Indisposable tools that lock editing options, securing transparency of our products & services. The core of our blockchain infrastructure and unique in our business development.

Global Reach

An efficient system distributed on top used platforms: web, Android & iOS, with native builds for each platform. Security & optimization are our key factors in development.


Along with our advisors we have considered a well balanced model of tokenomics for our token. The vesting schedule will ensure the stability of our token while our marketing campaigns will expand the reach of our project on a global scale, therefore help the token appreciate in value over time. Team tokens are cliffed for the first 12 months, and released afterwards linearly at a rate of 10% per month. You can check our detailed Tokenomics file for more details.

  % # of tokens value % @TGE cliff vesting
seed round 7 70.000.000 $ 0.008 5% 6 months 14 months
private round 11 110.000.000 $ 0.012 8% 3 months 12 months
public round 5 50.000.000 $ 0.018 12% no cliff 6 months
DEX & CEX 3 30.000.000 40% no cliff 3 months
development 4 40.000.000   0% @TGE no cliff 36 months
marketing 10 100.000.000   0% @TGE no cliff 36 months
company reserve 4 40.000.000   0% @TGE 6 months 30 months
advisors 3 30.000.000   0% @TGE 10 months 18 months
team 14 140.000.000   0% @TGE 12 months 24 months
community rewards 39 390.000.000   0% @TGE no cliff 60 months
        (airdrops, giveaways, staking, Predict2Earn)    
total supply        
Token summary   Investment rounds   Token discounted values

Max supply -


Seed round - $ 0.008


Seed round - 55.55 %

Max raise - $ 2.780.000


Private round - $ 0.012


Private round - 33.33 %

IMC (Initial MarketCap) - $ 545.400


Public round - $ 0.018


IMC without Liquidity - $ 329.400



With the help provided by our partners and investors, these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve in the development process of the project.


Pro Soccer Tips apps are developed native, therefore they are not working through a web browser, but have the ability to tap into specific resources of the device on which they run and thus perform better. The purpose of the apps is to be a digital companion for every user, allowing them to enjoy the content we deliver as best as possible. We'll constantly communicate & listen to our community on further development of the apps to improve together.

Here's a small glimpse of features that our apps will provide you:

  • Daily predictions feed for scheduled soccer matches
  • Live coloring system - predictions are marked with green/red for good/bad advices
  • Betting tracker - a complex custom built system that tracks your bets
  • Competition filters - see only what you follow
  • Smart search function
  • Premium selections - our best advices
  • NFTs - with real utility in our ecosystem
  • Betting Arena - where users can bet each other


Our team combines passion for football along with a proven record experience in development & marketing. Once funding is secured we'll expand our team to ensure top level quality workflow that will allow us to constantly improve the services offered. Join us and be a part of this movement!


George Lascu

CEO & Lead Development

George started his tech quest back in 1999 when he had his first encounter with HTML. He's passioned about software architecture as well as web architecture. Spent time with various Linux distributions to improve knowledge on networks.

He started following soccer back in 2002, following his favourite team Real Madrid going up the ladder in Champions League, a title which they managed to win that season with stars like Roberto Carlos, Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Raul Gonzalez.


Serdar Has

CMO & Marketing

Serdar started his career in marketing working for some of the big name hotels in North Cyprus like Merit, Cratos. He has developed a wide range of skills in the marketing industry over time and generated good results.

His favourite team is Galatasaray S.K. and whenever he has the chance he participates at their matches to support them. We're happy to have him in our team!

Get In Touch

Any question? Feel free to write us using the contact form. Alternatively, you can join our community using the links below.

Partners & Investors

  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Crypto Gains