Balancing quantity
and quality

The sports betting sector is rapidly expanding. Our goal is to provide valuable insights, utilizing blockchain immutability for transparent data delivery. This enables users to enhance their decision-making process.

While other solutions tackle single issues, our team aspires to create a secure, user-friendly blockchain-based platform. Access daily football predictions with utmost transparency in a thriving, community-driven atmosphere.

Monitoring over 240 football competitions worldwide, our system encompasses roughly 70% of daily scheduled matches. Our journey began fueled by a shared passion for football, the sport that unites us.


Project Fundamentals

Our mission centers on offering a premier platform for global sports betting enthusiasts. Powered by our team expertise, Artificial Intelligence, and blockchain, we earn users' trust. Ultimately, our project makes sports betting an engaging, social avenue to enhance the viewing experience.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Leveraging blockchain, we guarantee absolute data transparency across our apps. This empowers us to optimize user experience effectively.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AIM (AI Module) is crafted using Limited Memory architecture for optimal efficiency. Through reinforcement learning, this model refines forecasts iteratively. The ML Active Learning Cycle involves six steps: Training Data, ML Model Creation, Prediction, Feedback Loop, Transformed Feedback, and Data Iteration.

Global Reach

Our streamlined system operates seamlessly across leading platforms: web, Android, and iOS, each featuring native builds. Our development priorities lie in robust security and meticulous optimization for an unparalleled user experience.


Collaborating with advisors, we've designed a balanced tokenomics model. Our vesting strategy stabilizes the token, while global marketing fosters appreciation. Team tokens have a 12-month cliff, followed by 24-month linear release. Refer to our detailed Tokenomics file for specifics.

  % # of tokens value cliff vesting
seed round #1 2 20.000.000 $ 0.008 6 months 12 months
seed round #2 3.5 35.000.000 $ 0.010 5 months 12 months
private round #1 4 40.000.000 $ 0.012 4 months 12 months
private round #2 6.5 65.000.000 $ 0.014 3 months 12 months
public round 4 40.000.000 $ 0.020 no cliff 6 months
liquidity 3 30.000.000 no cliff 3 months
development 4 40.000.000 no cliff 36 months
marketing 7 70.000.000   no cliff 36 months
company reserve 3 30.000.000   6 months 30 months
advisors 2 20.000.000   10 months 18 months
team 10 100.000.000   12 months 24 months
airdrop 1 10.000.000   no cliff 6 months
community rewards 50 500.000.000   no cliff 60 months
total supply      
Token summary   Investment rounds   Token discounted values

Max supply -


Seed round #1 - $ 0.008


Seed round #1 - 60%

Max raise - $ 2.700.000


Seed round #2 - $ 0.010


Seed round #2 - 50%

IMC (Initial MarketCap) - $ 582.800


Private round #1 - $ 0.012


Private round #1 - 40%

IMC without Liquidity - $ 402.000


Private round #2 - $ 0.014


Private round #2 - 30%


Public round - $ 0.020



Assisted by our partners and investors, these are the milestones we anticipate reaching during the project's development journey.


The Pro Soccer Tips apps are natively developed, bypassing web browsers for enhanced device resource utilization and performance. Designed as user companions, they optimize content delivery. Ongoing community engagement ensures collaborative app enhancement.

Here's a small glimpse of features that our apps will provide you:

  • Daily predictions feed - over 200 competitions worldwide tracked
  • Live coloring system - predictions are marked with green/red for win/lost predictions
  • Betting tracker - a complex custom built system that tracks your bets, including advanced P&L model
  • Competition filters - see only what you follow
  • Smart search function
  • Premium selections - daily feed of premium predictions (subscription/daily purchase)
  • NFTs - huge utility & benefits inside the ecosystem
  • Betting Arena - where users can enjoy social betting


Uniting football passion and a track record in development and marketing, our team strives for excellence. With secured funding, we'll expand for quality and continuous service enhancement. Join our movement!


George Lascu

CEO & Lead Development

Forward-thinking business leader with 15 years of expertise in Software Architecture, Data Security, Privacy, Distributed Systems, Blockchain, AI, IoT, Cloud, and Networks. Passionate about global blockchain adoption as web3 evolves.


Serdar Has

CMO & Marketing

A seasoned CMO with 12 years expertise in digital marketing, content strategy, and SEO. Demonstrates success elevating brand presence for significant Casino & Hotel chains in North Cyprus.

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